Celebrity Restaurant - a Tulsa favorite for 50 years

The Restaurant

Old-fashioned American mainstay serving choice steaks, seafood & sides located in Tulsa.

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The History of the Club

In 1963 original owner, Mike Samara opened Celebrity Restaurant and was a presence there for most of his life. He's known for campaigning for liquor by the drink, and got the state’s first permit in 1985.

Passed Down From a Generation

In 2019 Samara’s daughter approached Johnna Hayes of 3 Sirens Group about buying the restaurant, while she felt it was a legendary opportunity her and the restaurant group took every necessary step to keep everything that patrons have loved over the years unchanged.

Three Sirens Group

Three Sirens Restaurant Group is a locally owned and woman ran company, formed in 2017 in Tulsa Oklahoma. Founded by Debra Zinke, Sara Day and Johnna Hayes, these women all share the same ideals, to create innovative and fun restaurant concepts that use the freshest ingredients and provide a positive work atmosphere that guest love to visit.

“Celebrity Fine Dining restaurant has been a Tulsa icon for over 50 years. We here at Three Sirens Restaurant Group are extremely excited to carry on the traditions this restaurant has provided and take it into the next 50 years creating new memories with the Tulsa community.”
Johnna Hayes Co-Owner / Operator